2023 - 4 Issue

Case report

Acute Keratouveitis with Corneal Graft Melting as a Late Complication of Mild Chemical Burn Potentially Associated with Covid-19 Infection: A Case Report

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Chemical burns are sight-threatening injuries that require immediate management. The main goal of the initial treatment is prompt and copious irrigation to neutralize and eliminate the chemical, followed by various therapeutic options (conservative and surgical) according to the individual patient’s postinjury findings.

Purpose: In this case report, we describe the course and treatment of a patient with chemical alkali burns of both eyes.

This study reports the outcomes of an ocular alkali burn patient who became infected with COVID-19 and where severe keratouveitis with corneal graft melting and hypopyon occurred, ultimately resulting in evisceration of the eye.

Observations: We report the case of a 35-year-old woman, after an alkali burn of both eyes. Complete re-epithelialization of both corneas occurred within three weeks. Due to this observation, we assumed a satisfactory healing prognosis. However, corneal lysis occurred in the left eye over time. The condition was managed, but subsequently severe keratouveitis with hypopyon and corneal lysis occurred in the left eye, apparently in connection with the COVID-19 infection, which ultimately led to the evisceration of the affected eye.

Conclusions and Importance: In the case report, we describe the management of a mild chemical alkali burn of the right eye and a complicated moderate burn of the left eye with an alkaline chemical. Both eyes were completely healed within three weeks. However, the findings on the left eye became complicated, which ultimately led to the evisceration of the affected eye. The disease of COVID-19 could have contributed to the deterioration of the findings on the cornea, or it could have just been a coincidence of two diseases, with the keratouveitis having a serious course due to the previous difficult course of healing and many complications after the chemical burn.