2023 - 1 Issue

Case report

Abnormal Corneal Lesion Following Cataract Surgery; A Corneal Pyogenic Granuloma? A Case Report

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Background: Description of an abnormal corneal lesion as a complication of a clear corneal incision in cataract surgery.

Case presentation: A 55-year-old woman presented, complaining of right eye pain and redness for 6 months, which started 1 month after her uncomplicated cataract surgery. On gross examination, the bulbar conjunctiva was hyperemic and a vascularized salmon-pink nodule with a smooth surface was noted over the supratemporal region of the cornea, just anterior to the previous superior corneal incision, with superficial feeder vessels originating from the adjacent conjunctiva toward the lesion. The lesion was removed and histopathological examination revealed an inflammatory tissue containing inflammatory cells and capillaries within a background of fibrotic tissue throughout the lesion.

Conclusions: Reactive fibrovascular nodules are rare corneal lesions following corneal trauma and vascularization, including a clear corneal cataract surgery incision. Ophthalmologists may encounter these lesions during postoperative visits and should be familiar with their appearance and management.