2023 - 1 Issue

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Prof. Dr Carl Ferdinand Ritter von Arlt (1812–1887): His Life and Work During his Ophthalmological Career in Prague

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The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the life and work in Prague of the famous ophthalmologist Carl Ferdinand Ritter von Arlt (1812‒1887). The paper presents data on his stay in Prague while studying Medicine and working as a private physician and ophthalmologist. Professor von Arlt was Head of the Chair of Ophthalmology at Charles University. He was Director of the Eye Clinic at Prague General Hospital from 1849 to 1856. A detailed description is given of his residences and their appearance today. Very little has been written about this aspect, so the paper will be a supplement to his impressive biography. A brief, chronological, systematic and concise biography is also provided, including details of his family and his contributions to Ophthalmology. During his 25-year stay in Prague (1831–1856), he commuted between the city centre and the General Hospital where he worked. He changed the location of his residence five times. It is important to note and not to forget where one of the greatest ophthalmologists of the 19th century worked and resided in Prague.