2021 - 1 Issue

Case report

Blow-in Fracture of Orbital Roof. A Case Report

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Orbital fractures may be accompanied with severe damage of the eye bulb and other intraorbital tissues. Early clinical findings can be very mild, therefore it is vital to actively seek not only for any damage done to the soft tissues of the orbit, but also for extraorbital complications such as liquorrhea or meningitis. We report a relatively rare case of blow-in fracture of orbital roof in eleven years old boy. Patient was admitted to the emergency care after falling off a bicycle without impaired consciousness. During admission ophthalmologist evaluated the condition as severe contusion of the left bulb, with hemophthalmia and retinal comotosis. Due to significant swelling of eye lids and periorbital hematoma, it was not possible to perform specific tests to objectify possible oculomotor disorder and diplopia. CT scan findings show dislocated fracture of orbital roof with fragments reaching into the musculus rectus superior. For high risk of bulbus penetration and muscle damage a surgical intervention with bone fragments removal was performed using endoscopic assisted frontal orbitotomy. After operation patient had no signs of functional eye disorder.