2023 - 4 Issue


Rare Non-Surgical Related Massive Spontaneous Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage. A Case Report

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Aims: We present two rare cases of non-surgical-related massive spontaneous suprachoroidal hemorrhage.

Case report: The first case was a 73-year-old male with uncontrolled hypertension, who presented with left vision loss, only able to perceive light, with very high intraocular pressure (IOP) and blood pressure (BP), 68 mmHg and 196/106 mmHg, respectively. Ocular examination showed a limited fundus view, and the B-scan revealed near kissing suprachoroidal hemorrhage.

The second case was a 59-year-old male, post valve replacement surgery on life-long warfarin, who presented with hand movement vision and IOP of 47 mmHg. The B-scan showed massive submacular and suprachoroidal hemorrhage with therapeutic range International Normalized Ratio (INR).

Conclusion: Suprachoroidal hemorrhage is one of the rare complications that can be seen in any ocular surgery. However, spontaneous suprachoroidal hemorrhage is a rarer disease. Most of the reported cases are associated with underlying medical conditions. Thus prevention is crucial. This involves ophthalmologists, physicians and general practitioners in managing this group of patients with associated risk factors, for better recognition of this devastating ocular complication in which early detection may reduce ocular morbidity.