2018 - 4 Issue

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Keratopigmentation (Corneal Tattoo) - Our First Experience

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Introduction: Keratopigmentation or corneal tattooing represents an unique cosmetic solution for corneal leucomas and also for other pathological changes affecting cornea or
iris. Procedure is based on pigment insertion into the corneal stroma. Goal is to improve the appearance of the affected eye. These days are most frequently used tattoo kits with different sterilised inks made primary for skin tattooing. As a new possibility there are also available biocompatible micronized mineral pigments.

Methods: Authors will introduce four case reports of four patients with corneal leucomas, who wanted to undergo the corneal tattooing to improve the cosmetic appearance of their blind eyes. Authors decided for keratopigmentation with an use of inks intended primary for skin tattooing.

Results: In all four patients was the final appearance of tattooed cornea more than satisfying. Postoperative examination didn´t detect diffusion, fading, colour changes of the
pigments. No complications such as toxic or immune reaction due to the pigment were recorded. All four patients were subjectively fully satisfied with the cosmetic result of
the keratopigmentation.

Conclusion: Based on the first experience authors consider keratopigmentation to be a safe and relatively uncomplicated surgical method. Corneal tattooing is also quite
cheap, does not require patient´s hospitalization and postoperative reconvalescence in usually short term.