2016 - 2 Issue

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Pharmacological Tests for Horner Syndrome Case Report

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The case report presents a patient, who was examined at our department due to anisocoria that was present for more than one year. Besides the anisocoria the patient had no other pathological symptoms. The pupil on the right eye was larger than on the left eye by more than 1mm. Photoreaction was present on both eyes with a dilatation deficit on the left eye. There was also a slight ptosis on the left. The anterior and posterior eye segment was normal, only the iris of the left eye was slightly decoloured. The ophthalmological finding was pointing to Horner syndrome on the left side. The cause of the syndrome was not found. The case report discusses current problems of pharmacological pupillary tests used in Horner syndrome. Alternatives to the standard cocaine test are proposed, with respect to substances currently available in the Cz ech Republic.