2016 - 2 Issue

Original article

Quantitative Colour Vision Defect Evaluation – Lanthony Test and its Modified Interpretation

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Our aim was to develop quick and exact instrument for examination of color vision defects (CVD). We used Lanthony saturated and desaturated test. Data were evaluated according the Vingrys and King-Smith study. We had together 123 eyes of 86 patients. From all subjects we received these average values: AA 44.32 (min -87.13, max 80.64), TES 13.36 (min 8.84, max 30.30), SI 1.97 (min 1.22, max 5.69) and CI 1.66 (min 1.0, max 3.94). At the base of counting algorithm and average values form saturated and desaturated test we revealed 25 (29 %) patients with CVD. Twelve patients (14 %) classified as CVD+ had dichromacy and all had inborn CVD. Eight patients (9 %) from this group had deutranopia and four patient (5 %) protanopia. Anomaly trichromacy we revealed in thirteen patients (15 %). Eight (9 %) of these patients had inborn CVD. Six (7 %) of these patients had protanomalia, one (1 %) had deuteranomalia and one tritanomalia. We established and specified TES, CI and SI critical values, which was used to dividing
patients into specific groups.