2016 - 1 Issue

Case report

Bilateral Macular Edema on a Background of Optic Disc Drusen

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In the case report, bilateral cystoid macular edema with optic disc edema on the left side in young man is described. As etiology out of the systemic diseases, we considered the hypertension. The results of the neurological examination, including the brain CT examination were physiological. The patient was examined by the internal specialist, the hypertension was treated – and it was the presumed etiology of the ophthalmologic findings. Due to the repeated worsening of the ophthalmologic findings, we searched for other etiology. Bilateral buried optic disc drusen were found by means of ultrasound. Bilateral cystoid macular edema and optic disc edema were evaluated as signs of circulatory disturbance of the posterior ciliary arteries and macular choroid caused by optic disc drusen. The antiglaucomatic treatment was started with – alpha 2 adrenergic receptors agonist – brimonidine – which increases the blood supply of the optic nerve and decreases the intraocular pressure with presumed delay of axons dysfunction.