2024 - 3 Issue

Original article

Visual Neuroprosthesis – Stimulation of Visual Cortical Centers in The Brain. Design of Non-Invasive Transcranial Stimulation of Functional Neurons

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Purpose: The purpose of the article is to present the history and current status of visual cortical neuroprostheses, and to present a new method of stimulating intact visual cortex cells.

Methods: This paper contains an overview of the history and current status of visual cortex stimu-lation in severe visual impairment, but also highlights its shortcomings. These include mainly the stimulation of currently damaged cortical cells over a small area and, from a morphological point of view, possible damage to the stimulated neurons by the elec-trodes and their encapsulation by gliotic tissue.

Results: The paper also presents a proposal for a new technology of image processing and its transformation into a form of non-invasive transcranial stimulation of undamaged parts of the brain, which is protected by a national and international patent.

Conclusion: The paper presents a comprehensive review of the current options for compensating for lost vision at the level of the cerebral cortex and a proposal for a new non-invasive method of stimulating the functional neurons of the visual cortex.