2017 - 5+6 Issue

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Sarcoidosis and its ocular manifestations (an analysis of six case reports)

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Aim: To introduce the range of eye changes in sarcoidosis in the individual casuistics.

Materials: At the Ophthalmic Clinic of Teaching Hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague were examined and treated six patients with ocular forms of sarcoidosis in the years from 1998 to 2015. Three patients were unilateral lesions of the lacrimal gland without systemic symptoms. One patient experienced orbital inflammatory syndrome that accompanied the hilar form of pulmonar sarcoidosis. Two other patients underwent intraocular inflammation, panuveitis / iridocyclitis and bilateral intermedial uveitis. Both of these patients also had systemic affections of mediastinal lymph nodes and lung, in the first of these, signs of neurosarcoidosis first appeared.

Results: In the treatment of lacrimal glands, the diagnosis was determined by histological examination of the removed lacrimal gland in external orbitotomies, also, the orbital process has been verified by biopsy and the subsequent comprehensive examination revealed the systemic process. Definitive diagnosis of sarcoidosis was established bioptically in both uveitides and has also been demonstrated in imaging methodologies including galli scintigraphy. All patients were successfully treated
with corticosteroid therapy.

Conclusion: Biopsy results have always been a surprise in orbital processes. Both cases of uveitis were associated with systemic involvement and initiated comprehensive investigation which showed the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoidosis.