2022 - 5 Issue

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Chelation of Band Keratopathy in Long-Term Observation

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Aim: To report the clinical results of chelation of band keratopathy in long-term follow-up.

Material and methods: The long-term results of 5 patients (5 eyes) with symptomatic band keratopathy with a follow-up period of at least 6 months, in whom 2% EDTA was chelated on the affected eye in the study period from April 2018 to March 2021, were retrospectively evaluated. The follow-up period was 9-37 months.

Results: In all patients, there was a significant improvement in the local findings and an increase in the transparency of the cornea. The effect of therapy was verified on a color photograph of the anterior segment and on AS-OCT by the disappearance of subepithelial hyperreflective foci and accompanying optical shadows. Postoperatively, this enabled a more detailed visualization of the deeper layers of the cornea and other structures of the anterior segment. In a patient with the potential to improve vision, it was also possible to significantly improve visual functions. In the other three patients with pain in the affected eye, the pain subsided, and they also benefited cosmetically from the operation.

Conclusion: Based on our experience and previously published reports, EDTA corneal chelation is able to causally resolve the pathology and improve vision in eyes with visual potential. At the same time, it reduces discomfort and has an analgesic effect in long-term irritated eyes. The operation is also suitable for amaurotic, cosmetically unsightly bulbs, as a successful intervention preserving the eye and improving the appearance of such eyes leads to satisfaction and a subjective increase in the quality of life of the patients.