2021 - 5 Issue


Artificial Intelligence in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening. A Review

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Objective: The aim of this comprehensive paper is to acquaint the readers with evaluation of the retinal images using the arteficial intelligence (AI). Main focus of the paper is diabetic retinophaty (DR) screening. The basic principles of the artificial intelligence and algorithms that are already used in clinical practice or are shortly before approval will be described.

Methodology: Describing the basic characteristics and mechanisms of different approaches to the use of AI and subsequently literary minireview clarifying the current state of knowledge in the area.

Results: Modern systems for screening diabetic retinopathy using deep neural networks achieve a sensitivity and specificity of over 80 % in most published studies. The results of specific studies vary depending on the definition of the gold standard, number of images tested and on the evaluated parameters.

Conclusion: Evaluation of images using AI will speed up and streamline the diagnosis of DR. The use of AI will allow to keep the quality of the eye care at least on the same level despite the raising number of the patients with diabetes.