2020 - 3 Issue


Trauma in Oculoplastic Surgery A Review

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The aim of this article is to present the basics of traumatology in oculoplastic surgery and to review the literature about this topic. This review sums up the problematic of injuries of the eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit. The most important types of trauma, their treatment options, and the most common complications are described. In majority of oculoplastic traumas, surgical reconstruction is the treatment of choice. The surgery is often performer immediately, but sometimes the reconstruction of eyelid and lacrimal injuries can be postponed up to 48 hours, if the immediate surgery is not possible. Although the recommendations from the literature on this topic are variable, most of the patients require at least local antibiotics, more complex traumas systemic antibiotics. Careful diagnostics and correctly performed surgical treatment, either only by ophthalmologist, or oculoplastic surgeon, or a multi-disciplinary team for more complex injuries, are the key to good functional and aesthetic results of the reconstruction.