2019 - 5 Issue

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Sensitivity and Specificity of Spectral Oct in Patients with Early Glaucoma

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The study examines the sensitivity and specificity of spectral OCT in detecting early glaucoma. The aim was to evaluate data obtained by RNFL analysis in 4 observed quadrants and to compare it with the resulting diagnosis of glaucoma neuropathy determined subsequently on the basis of changes in the visual field. This concerns a retrospective study numbering 31 probands who underwent OCT examination at our centre in the period from 2008 to 2017. Test statistics demonstrated sensitivity of OCT examination (specific RNFL analysis) of 63.64% and specificity of 90%. The used ROC (receiver operating characteristic curve) test showed an AUC (area under curve) value of 0.734 on a statistically significant level of p = 0.0097. We therefore found that the instrument Spectral OCT SLO, with the aid of RNFL analysis, was effective in determining probands in whom development of glaucoma pathology was subsequently confirmed.