2019 - 4 Issue

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Treatment of Vitreomacular Traction with Intravitreal Injection of Perfluoropropane

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Purpose: To evaluate the effect of one intravitreal injection of expansive gas in the treatment of vitreomacular traction (VMT).

Method: Retrospective evaluation of results of treatment of VMT with the aid of a single intraocular application of 0.3 ml 100% C3F8 gas. The procedure was performed in outpatient treatment under topical anaesthesia.

Results: Twelve patients (14 eyes) underwent pneumatic vitreolysis. The mean extent of vitreomacular adhesion was 490.5 µm (408-751). Detachment of the posterior vitreous membrane occurred in 13 eyes (92.9%) after one injection, in 11 of these eyes this took place during the first month of observation (84.6%), in the other two eyes within two months of the procedure. Visual acuity improved from a baseline mean value of 0.50 (0.16-0.18) to 0.67 (0.2-1.0) (p < 0.001). The procedure was also successful in two eyes in which a previous attempt to release VMT with the aid of ocriplasmin had been unsuccessful. In one eye macular hole developed. We did not record any other complications in this cohort.

Conclusion: Intravitreal application of C3F8 represents an effective, safe and inexpensive method of treatment of VMT.