2021 - 6 Issue

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Comparison of Optical Biometers Argos and IOL MASTER 700

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Purpose: To compare biometric data obtained by new optical biometer Argos and conventionally used biometer IOL Master 700.

Patients and methods: Retrospective analysis of biometric data of 57 patients (106 eyes) who were examined at TANA Ophthalmology Clinic s.r.o in Olomouc. Measurement of patient was carried out on both devices on the same day by the same optometrist within standard preoperative calculation of intraocular lens before cataract surgery. Evaluated and statistically analysed biometric data were axial length, anterior chamber depth, average keratometry and lens thickness.

Results: Correlation between all compared data was high, with statistical significance p < 0.01. Bland-Altman plots showed good agreement with 95 % limit of agreement. Axial length, average keratometry and lens thickens did not show significant differences (p = 0.941; p = 0.773; p = 0.860). IOL Master 700 showed flatter average keratometry, however the differences were numerically small and insignificant. Anterior chamber depths obtained by Argos were longer, with significance p < 0.05.

Conclusion: Segmental refractive index technology used by Argos caused differences in anterior chamber depths. Overall axial length was however not, in our cohort of patients, by this affected. In general, optical biometers Argos and IOL Master 700 show excellent agreement in measured biometric data.